Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Babies!

I am so blessed to have happy children.  They almost always have a smile on their face and a boogie in their step.  They sing loud.  They dance fast.  They laugh hard.  And they love without fear.  They are wonderful!
To be brutally honest, Chris wanted to take them fishing at the bank of the lake yesterday and I didn't really want to.  I get scared that I can't watch them well enough around water.  We do occasionally take them out on the boat, but I have time to mentally prepare and plan for that.  This was kind of a whim.  I reluctantly agreed, and I am glad I did.  It was a beautiful night on Kentucky lake and the kids had a wet, muddy blast.
Cute, cute Sissy


The Hot Pepper

Precious cousins...

This is the cutest bunch of boys EVER!

Best friends...

On this Memorial Day, I am thankful for all who have served our country.  My daddy and my granddaddy are both veterans.  I am also blessed to work with active duty and retired military servicemen and women on a daily basis.  Words can't express the gratitude I have for their courageousness, and the thankfulness I have in my heart that my family has the FREEDOM to live our lives in our own way because of their sacrifice.  Life is so very good!
Love, Stacy

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Airlie Meets Grace!

Three weeks ago today, some of our BFFs, Scott and Traci, were blessed with a beautiful, precious little gift named Grace.  We were so excited to meet her yesterday! All day, Airlie talked about meeting her new best friend.  However, when we stepped out of the car and she stood face-to-face with Grace, fear overwhelmed her.  The kind of fear that made her cling to my leg and never let go.  Airlie cried hysterically and it took at least 10-15 minutes for her to even look at my face.  Her head was buried and tears flowed uncontrollably.  I just held her tight and tried to hold a normal conversation with Traci.  She finally settled down and began to play.  Airlie and Grace had a great time, but the initial meeting was a shock to me.  I had my camera all geared up for an exciting welcome, and it just didn't happen.  I wonder what was going through her mind.  All she has been able to tell me was that she was scared.  The trauma these babies have experienced in their young lives, being moved between orphanages and hospitals periodically, is unforgettable for them.  When they finally find a place to call home and a forever family to love them, I truly believe an insecurity lies beneath their happiness.  A fear that they might have to let go.  Our babies will NEVER have to let go...
Grace and Airlie walking on the balance beam!

Iris was so sweet to Grace.  They were inseparable.

They had a blast hanging from the bar.  I bet they had Scott put them on it no less than 30 times!

Sister love...

Airlie swinging with her new friend, Grace, beside her!

A million dollar smile!!!

Little Kian loves to swing.

Forever friends...

Gideon and Cavan decided to swing after we made them get out of the mud puddles...ha ha...boys!

Jordan jumps!


Our beautiful new friend, Grace.  What a blessed baby she is!  I could hug her all day!
I am so thankful for people like Scott and Traci who rescue these precious babies, give them a LIFE of love, a place to call home forever, and introduce them to a God that loves US despite OUR inadequacies.  That's goooooood stuff!
Be A Blessing,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow Days!

SNOW DAYS ARE SO MUCH FUN!!!  We thought it would be nice to share our snow pictures with our friends!  I am so thankful for days with my babies.  What an absolute blessing they are to my life. They make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed, sing like a bird, dizzy in my head...
The loves of my life

Cav likes to go REALLY fast down BIG hills!

Airlie has a crazy laugh when she is having fun.  It's so sweet!

Little Kian loved this snow this time!  In January, not so much...

Someone was sitting on his foot...ha ha

Have a blessed SNOW day!

Monday, February 3, 2014

He Is The Icing On My Cupcake

Little Kian turns three-years-old today!  He is so excited about his birthday, and he keeps singing "Happy Birthday To Me."  We have a treat prepared for a party at school, cupcakes ready for a family party tonight, Granny will make him a cake next Sunday, and the birthday festivities will culminate with a Duck Dynasty party next week!  Birthdays are BIG around here!

Little just makes my heart flutter.  He is such a cuddly kiddo.  He loves on me and asks for "holds" a million times a day.  He's a jokester, telling me that he is "Daddy's baby" and vice versa.  When we fuss at him for being the other one's baby, he giggles from deep in his belly.  Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen to that giggle.  I never want to forget how precious and beautiful its sound is to my soul. 

His current favorite things to do is see how many cowboys he can fit on his horses and playing dress up.  The Little Hot Cayenne Pepper is personally responsible for the majority of my laundry burden.  He dresses up in ANYTHING...his clothes in multiple layers, mine, Chris', Cavan's, and even Airlie's.  He doesn't care if it's blue, purple, pink, or green.  He wears it.  It doesn't matter if he found it hanging in the closet or in the dirty clothes hamper, he is wearing it.  Accessories are especially attractive to him.  Necklaces, shoes, bracelets, and hats are worn in multiples!  He struts around here looking like a fashion icon all of the time.  We hardly even notice his "costumes" any more.  It's just a given.
Dressing up at Granny's in a purse and a hat that he found on a baby doll.

Little is such a gift from God.  His love gives me a fresh start every day.  I am so honored that he is ours, as he truly is a perfect fit for our family.  His spirit is full of unbridled passion, and he is most definitely the icing on my cupcake! 

It's a beautiful day!

Love, Stacy

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

He Is The Cheese On My Macaroni!

My Cavan made his grand entrance into this world six years ago today! It seems impossible to me that six years have passed.  However, the past six years have definitely been the BEST years of my life!  When I held him for the first time, I learned what it was like to be in love. I learned that on this beautiful day in 2008.

Today we will spend celebrating BIG!  We have a school party planned this afternoon.  We'll have cake tonight, just the five of us.  We'll do some FINE dining at Cavan's favorite restaurant, the Huddle House, where he will order his favorite food, pancakes, and we will probably let him pour too much syrup on them simply because it's his birthday!  On Sunday, Granny will make a lemon cake because that's what Cav ordered.  In about a week, we will be having a ninja turtle party, complete with a sleepover and nerf gun wars in the basement, supervised by daddy.  Birthdays are big around here, and we do them right!
Aside from the celebration, I rejoice in who I see Cavan becoming.  He possesses such a compassionate personality.  He cares for the struggling, loves the hurt, and questions injustice.  He verbally reminds me of "what is right."  For example, the kids were unusually naughty one Saturday.  At prayer time, when I asked if they had any prayer requests, one of them suggested that we pray that we adopt another orphan.  This is a nightly request by one of the three during every prayer time.  But on this particular night, I immediately spouted off a mini-sermon about how mommy and daddy would never be able to adopt again if they carried on as they had that day because they hadn't listened, had tore the house up, and on and on.   When I was finished, I looked over and Cavan, in tears, said, "but Mommy, it's the RIGHT thing to do!  We have to be the ones to make the difference."   Yes baby, we do.  I am so proud of my Cavan.  He gets it.  He's going to change this world...
Happy birthday to my Cav!  He's the best, and he is certainly the cheese on my macaroni!

Love, Stacy

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pssst...Happy New Year But Not Really...YET

Our New Year has not yet began.  Why?  How?  Well, Little Juan Carlo (a.k.a. Kian) is sick.  My sis (a.k.a. Ashley) is sick.  And my friend Traci is sick.  Someone from every family that was coming to our annual NYE bash was sick.  So we have postponed the New Year for a couple of days.  It's all good. and we will be wishing all of our friends a happy New Year soon!
As for our latest little piece of news, I just had to blog about a fun family party we had on the 30th.  I have three crazy girl cousins.  Them plus my sis and I equal a BIG, LOUD blast! (Side note: I know our husbands often wonder what they have gotten themselves into!) We get together after Christmas every year.  This year, we decided to have an ugly Christmas sweater party.  I just have to share some of the photos!
This is a picture of the crazy crew. I love them!  We have had so much fun through the years.

This is my cousin, Laurie, and her family.  She has two of the cutest little guys!  She worked really hard on her ugly sweater.  She wired a battery pack of flashing lights into it (a gigantic battery pack that continuously fell out of her sweater).  She had to turn them off for the photo though because it made her face blue...ha ha!  Her hub, Scott-O, wore a shirt with deer on it.  We couldn't decide if the deer were holding beer or barbecue sauce. It's still up for debate.

This is my cousin Wendy's family...well, kind of.  Her hubs, Clayton, decided he didn't feel like getting ready and putting on his "Bah Humbug" shirt.  So as any well-respecting brother-in-law would do, Josh (pictured to the right in the women's attire) stood in the family photo for Clayton.  Wendy and Mags also must have misunderstood the party instructions because they came with bad hair Dr. Suess hair.?!  (Side note:  I didn't want my blog readers to think they REALLY wear their hair like that on a daily basis!)

This is my cousin Katie and her beau, Josh.  They are getting ready to move to North Dakota.  (I know, right?)  Their two kiddos were sick and missed out on this epic event.  Either way, we love Josh.  He is our pack mule/babysitter/gopher...he will do anything with minimal fussing...and I mean anything.  He even cleans out our cars.

Here is my sissy's family.  SOMEONE in this picture didn't wear an ugly Christmas sweater...

Chris was a good sport and wore an UGLY SWEATER.  I didn't explain to him that it was an ugly CHRISTMAS sweater party.  MY BAD. He certainly gets an A for effort.  Also, he bought the ugly (size XXL) sweatshirt I am wearing.  Thank you, Chris.

Look at all these blessings!  Eleven sweet cousins (We really missed Oliver and Stella!)!  Forever friends...

Back to the Dr. Suess hair...Laurie and I noticed that it was as tall as my light fixture! 

My sweet little Airlie ate about seven of Laurie's rice crispy treats.

Little Juan Carlo loved opening gifts!

Cavan is so sweet.  He loves a good party!

As for family, we certainly have a great one and are truly blessed.  I had so much fun growing up with Wendy, Laurie, Ashley, and Katie.  I hope our eleven precious babies have as much fun together as we did!

Live, Love, Laugh!