Monday, July 23, 2012

...And We Are Off!

Cavan took swimming lessons this morning, and Kian and I were running around town accomplishing errands.  After a phenomenal swimming lesson (Cavan went underwater!), we traveled over to the farm store (that's what we call Tractor Supply) to purchase a cat collar with a bell on it.  We determined that we need such a device because our pet cat, Tee Tee, is trying to eat all of the friendly birds that are innocently eating seed from our bird feeder.  So....while we were poking around in the farm store, my phone was in the car ringing off the hook!  Our social worker was trying to reach us because we have been issued travel dates!!!!!

We must arrive in Beijing on Thursday, August 9th.  We will know all of our travel details by tonight.  We are waiting now for an email from the travel agency that gives us our travel options.  So tomorrow, we should know EXACTLY when we are leaving to get our daughter! 

Cavan is super excited.  He has made a blue, glittery "princess card" for his sissy.  He is so sweet.  He prays for her every night, asking that she "get here really soon."  Little Kian...well, I am sure he will eventually be excited.  He is in the midst of learning that sometimes we must share Mommy.  He would prefer to have me all to himself and often attempts to get Cavan out of my lap...ha ha.  He'll be okay....

I am really going to begin providing updates to this blog more often now that I have news to share.  Thank you so much for caring and for praying for us!