Friday, June 28, 2013

Their Last Touch...

This was their last day together.  Four years ago, a mother held her child for the last time, knowing that their worlds would both change forever in just a few short hours.  To be purely honest, this is very hard for me to write about.  People discourage adoptive parents from making too much of your child's background information public.  However, God encourages me to tell as much as I can...and then to pray.  Pray that the seeds He is planting through me save another child.  Pray that Airlie's story will pierce hearts and MOVE them to action.  This is, by far, my most intimate blog entry...

On June 29, 2009, my little girl was abandoned.  She was left near the east ticket counter at a train station.  That was the last time that her mother looked into her precious eyes.  It was the last time she touched her soft, newborn skin or smelled her breath.  It was the last opportunity for her to stroke her dimpled cheek or feel Airlie's small hand latch her finger.  My heart is broken to pieces for her because I know she is a world away thinking of her baby today. Thinking of those final moments and wondering if she is alive, healthy, and safe. 
I often struggle when I consider how mothers could abandon their children.   I don't know and probably can't even fathom what her circumstances might have been.  Was she a teenager?  Was she in poor health and couldn't take care of a child?  Did her spouse force her to leave her child?  Was she a victim of rape?  Was she so poor that she couldn't feed her baby?  Or was she simply a person that valued the gift of life enough to birth Airlie, at the risk of violating China's one child policy law?  Abortions are easy to get in China.  Yet, she chose LIFE.  She chose to give my baby LIFE.  I LOVE HER, yet I grieve for her tremendously today. 
Emotionally, this has been my most difficult day as an adoptive parent thus far.  However, there is beauty in the tears.  As her mother laid her gently down in the train station and walked away, God picked her up and began to write her life story with us.  It's bittersweet knowing that one person's loss is somehow connected to another person's sheer joy, and it just doesn't seem right. 
I can't help but consider my boys.  What if I were in such desperate circumstances that I had to leave my boys?  It rips the heart to let thoughts like that enter my mind.  But what if...
I would hope and pray with everything in me that someone would LOVE them unconditionally, teach them how to be good, honest people, and correct their wrongdoings.  I'd pray that their hands would be held, their little bodies would be cuddled, and their boo-boos would be kissed.  I'd pray that they would be taught about our loving Father and instructed according to His Word.  I'd pray for parents that would love them enough to DIE for them.  Am I that person to Airlie?  I will certainly answer "YES! YES! YES!" 
I pray tonight for Airlie's other mommy.  I pray that God fills her heart with comfort, a sense of PEACE like she has never felt before, and a feeling in her soul that her little girl is finally safe and happy.  I praise God that He began writing Airlie into our family's love story four years ago tonight.  I give glory to Him that I am an American and am not a victim of a repressed society void of respect for human rights.  Finally, I pray for all of the children that are still abandoned, still alone, longing to be loved, and who patiently wave goodbye as their friends walk away with their new parents while simultaneously wondering if someone will ever rescue them...
I am blessed far more than I deserve.
Love, Stacy

"I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you."  John 14:18

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Update: Happy Birthday Part 3!

I am a bit behind on the birthday updates.  Yes, June 20th was a BIG day for Airlie!  As you have read, we had a party at school.  We also had a party at home that night.  Airlie wanted me to make her a hot pink cake.  I did!  Isn't it magnificent?  Well, it was to her!  I truly think she was most excited about blowing out candles.  I love that little things make her happy!

On Sunday, June 23rd, we were still celebrating.  Granny made Airlie some cupcakes with lots and lots of candles to blow out!  According to Granny's amount of candles, Airlie should be 30...ha ha!

Licking all 30 of her candles!  She loves icing, just like mommy!
Kian insists that it is his birthday too.

Oh Cavan.  Someday you will regret not just smiling for mommy.

The super duper BIG Strawberry Shortcake family party, complete with gifts, will be on July 8th.  Yes, we aren't finished with this el grande birthday yet!  There will be more updates....

Loving Every Minute, Stacy

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Update: Happy Birthday Part 2!

Our morning began by dropping Cavan off at Kid's College, and Little Kian off at his school.  Airlie and I took some alone time this morning and went to Kroger to buy a birthday cake for her party at school!  Words can't express the sheer delight that rolled off her lips as she told EVERYONE in Kroger that it was her birthday!  It almost brought me to tears each and every time she said it.  Just to think that this is the first time she has been celebrated as the unique little ball of energy she is, is truly humbling.  She is ecstatic that this day is all hers!
Before entering the grocery store, she had decided that she wanted a big cake.  However, once in the bakery section, she simply couldn't resist the Hello Kitty cupcakes for her school party!  She also chose a strawberry cake with hot pink icing and iridescent sprinkles for tonight's small family party.  It's in the oven now!
Back to the school party...
We arrived at school only to find a miserably distraught Kian.  He is always fine at school.  Today the difference, however, was that he didn't have his sissy/best friend/partner in crime.  We couldn't begin partying for about 10 minutes because poor Little Kian had a hard time getting his emotional distress under control.  Once under control, the party began!
Can you tell Little is still mad?  Mad he was left for one hour...

Airlie holding the Hello Kitty cupcakes

Messy, messy girl!

What a true blessing to share her joy!!!  First birthdays are fun, especially when experienced through four-year-old eyes!

Airlie and her BFF, Madeline!
More birthday information to follow about this most EXCITING day,


June 20.  She has been waiting a very long time for this day to roll around, and it is finally here!  She is four-years-old today, maybe.  You see, no one really knows Airlie's birthday.  However, we do know that she was the east wing of a train station terminal...on June 29, 2009 in Luohe City, China.  On that date, someone "guesstimated" she was nine days old.  Thus, she received a June 20th birthday.  It's June 20th, so we are going to celebrate our little girls first birthday!  It's her first birthday with us AND the first time that she has been celebrated!  (Side Note:  Daddy is on call today and this weekend, so the big party is yet to be determined, but I am certain there with be multiple blog entries about this 4th/1st birthday business!)
Today, I am so thankful for a little girl that laughs hysterically when she stumbles, finds joy in bubbles, creates her own dance moves (i.e.  the "chipmunk"), drinks her daily chocolate milk in protest, runs as fast as her short little legs will take her during a competitive game of tag, licks the icing off cupcakes, shares tractors with her brothers, loves sandwich meat without bread, appreciates the Berenstain Bear family values, sings two-week-old Bible School songs 5000 times a day, and loves her family and friends without boundaries. 
She LOVES.  And we LOVE her.  Happy birthday Airlie!
Climbing Granny's tree

Screaming "I STUCK!!!"  Shame on Granny's tree.
More birthday information to follow!