Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Sparkly Lights of Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends!  It has certainly been a most eventful few days, celebrating the birth of our King!  On our way home tonight, Chris and I were driving around looking at lights as the kids slept soundly in the back seat.  Through the course of casual conversation, I found myself talking about how nice it would be to live in a big house, in a nice subdivision, and have my very own space.  No sooner than the words spilled from my tongue, I stopped myself.  That's not what my life is about.  It's not about how many "sparkly lights" I can add to the material wealth we have accumulated.  My life is about LOVE.  It's about how much love I can my Savior, to my family, to my friends, to my school "kids," to the world.  That's what we are called to be, a shining light for all to see.  A light of hope and peace.  A light of kindness and humility.  A light of love.  I want to spend my life living in my perfectly fine house, just off the highway, using our time and resources to help those less fortunate.  That's the Christmas "light" that lasts, and our family challenges you to help us spread Christ's light in 2014!
The Santa at the Christian book store was GREAT!  He reminded the kids why we REALLY celebrate Christmas.  As you can see, Little Kian is NOT a fan of the Claus.  Airlie ran so fast toward him that she nearly dove past him jumping in his lap! Cavan was okay with Santa, but he didn't really want to talk to him very much.  Airlie ended up telling Santa what everyone wanted.  She takes care of her brothers!

Look at these sweet, sweet babies!!!

My sweet little hot pepper is so precious that he takes my breath away.  I am BLESSED.

I adore the Cav-Man!  What a blessing!

Our second Christmas with Airlie was just as sweet as the first.  She is a precious gift.

Daddy and the babies hooked up Rudolph and Crew with reindeer food!

Kian in disguise as Santa, only 275 pounds lighter.

Airlie dressed super fancy for every holiday gathering!!!  Currently, she is begging not to ever wear tights again.  The 2T-4T size reach all of the way up to her arm pits!  Ha ha ha

Cavan is, by far, my most cooperative photography client.  He is so photogenic!

Little Kian wanted his picture taken with Parker last night.  He refused to have it taken alone.  He likes to hang with the big boys these days, even in pictures!

Our "selfie."

Granny and Big Daddy bought all of the babies matching pajamas!  Aren't they just PRECIOUS?!

This was the last picture of the night!!!!!  I just LOVE it!

Santa left Little Kian a Tennessee Football uniform.  He wore the helmet most of the day, even when paired with his nice Christmas clothes!  This fashion conscious child requires compromise!

Cousin love!!!

We pray that your Christmas was as beautiful as ours!  Let HIS light shine!

Love, Stacy