Wednesday, January 22, 2014

He Is The Cheese On My Macaroni!

My Cavan made his grand entrance into this world six years ago today! It seems impossible to me that six years have passed.  However, the past six years have definitely been the BEST years of my life!  When I held him for the first time, I learned what it was like to be in love. I learned that on this beautiful day in 2008.

Today we will spend celebrating BIG!  We have a school party planned this afternoon.  We'll have cake tonight, just the five of us.  We'll do some FINE dining at Cavan's favorite restaurant, the Huddle House, where he will order his favorite food, pancakes, and we will probably let him pour too much syrup on them simply because it's his birthday!  On Sunday, Granny will make a lemon cake because that's what Cav ordered.  In about a week, we will be having a ninja turtle party, complete with a sleepover and nerf gun wars in the basement, supervised by daddy.  Birthdays are big around here, and we do them right!
Aside from the celebration, I rejoice in who I see Cavan becoming.  He possesses such a compassionate personality.  He cares for the struggling, loves the hurt, and questions injustice.  He verbally reminds me of "what is right."  For example, the kids were unusually naughty one Saturday.  At prayer time, when I asked if they had any prayer requests, one of them suggested that we pray that we adopt another orphan.  This is a nightly request by one of the three during every prayer time.  But on this particular night, I immediately spouted off a mini-sermon about how mommy and daddy would never be able to adopt again if they carried on as they had that day because they hadn't listened, had tore the house up, and on and on.   When I was finished, I looked over and Cavan, in tears, said, "but Mommy, it's the RIGHT thing to do!  We have to be the ones to make the difference."   Yes baby, we do.  I am so proud of my Cavan.  He gets it.  He's going to change this world...
Happy birthday to my Cav!  He's the best, and he is certainly the cheese on my macaroni!

Love, Stacy

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