Monday, February 3, 2014

He Is The Icing On My Cupcake

Little Kian turns three-years-old today!  He is so excited about his birthday, and he keeps singing "Happy Birthday To Me."  We have a treat prepared for a party at school, cupcakes ready for a family party tonight, Granny will make him a cake next Sunday, and the birthday festivities will culminate with a Duck Dynasty party next week!  Birthdays are BIG around here!

Little just makes my heart flutter.  He is such a cuddly kiddo.  He loves on me and asks for "holds" a million times a day.  He's a jokester, telling me that he is "Daddy's baby" and vice versa.  When we fuss at him for being the other one's baby, he giggles from deep in his belly.  Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen to that giggle.  I never want to forget how precious and beautiful its sound is to my soul. 

His current favorite things to do is see how many cowboys he can fit on his horses and playing dress up.  The Little Hot Cayenne Pepper is personally responsible for the majority of my laundry burden.  He dresses up in ANYTHING...his clothes in multiple layers, mine, Chris', Cavan's, and even Airlie's.  He doesn't care if it's blue, purple, pink, or green.  He wears it.  It doesn't matter if he found it hanging in the closet or in the dirty clothes hamper, he is wearing it.  Accessories are especially attractive to him.  Necklaces, shoes, bracelets, and hats are worn in multiples!  He struts around here looking like a fashion icon all of the time.  We hardly even notice his "costumes" any more.  It's just a given.
Dressing up at Granny's in a purse and a hat that he found on a baby doll.

Little is such a gift from God.  His love gives me a fresh start every day.  I am so honored that he is ours, as he truly is a perfect fit for our family.  His spirit is full of unbridled passion, and he is most definitely the icing on my cupcake! 

It's a beautiful day!

Love, Stacy