Sunday, April 6, 2014

Airlie Meets Grace!

Three weeks ago today, some of our BFFs, Scott and Traci, were blessed with a beautiful, precious little gift named Grace.  We were so excited to meet her yesterday! All day, Airlie talked about meeting her new best friend.  However, when we stepped out of the car and she stood face-to-face with Grace, fear overwhelmed her.  The kind of fear that made her cling to my leg and never let go.  Airlie cried hysterically and it took at least 10-15 minutes for her to even look at my face.  Her head was buried and tears flowed uncontrollably.  I just held her tight and tried to hold a normal conversation with Traci.  She finally settled down and began to play.  Airlie and Grace had a great time, but the initial meeting was a shock to me.  I had my camera all geared up for an exciting welcome, and it just didn't happen.  I wonder what was going through her mind.  All she has been able to tell me was that she was scared.  The trauma these babies have experienced in their young lives, being moved between orphanages and hospitals periodically, is unforgettable for them.  When they finally find a place to call home and a forever family to love them, I truly believe an insecurity lies beneath their happiness.  A fear that they might have to let go.  Our babies will NEVER have to let go...
Grace and Airlie walking on the balance beam!

Iris was so sweet to Grace.  They were inseparable.

They had a blast hanging from the bar.  I bet they had Scott put them on it no less than 30 times!

Sister love...

Airlie swinging with her new friend, Grace, beside her!

A million dollar smile!!!

Little Kian loves to swing.

Forever friends...

Gideon and Cavan decided to swing after we made them get out of the mud puddles...ha ha...boys!

Jordan jumps!


Our beautiful new friend, Grace.  What a blessed baby she is!  I could hug her all day!
I am so thankful for people like Scott and Traci who rescue these precious babies, give them a LIFE of love, a place to call home forever, and introduce them to a God that loves US despite OUR inadequacies.  That's goooooood stuff!
Be A Blessing,